Taste of Kentucky

Looking to incorporate your hometown or state into you next event?  Don’t feel restricted by the traditions!  Here’s a little demonstration… Kentucky style.

Beer Cheese

Bourbon Balls

Hot Brown

Maker’s Mark

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Eye Candy… or Cake!

Even though cake is going to taste delicious no matter what, why not make it look just as good?!  Here are five different ways to improve a wedding day cake.

1. Texture – This simple addition goes a long way!

2. Shape – Want your cake to be memorable but traditional?  Shape up!

3. Floral – This touch allows you to incorporate wedding colors.

4. Cake Pops – Really want to be different?  Decorate cake pops instead!

5. Cupcakes – This look alike cake is just as yummy but allows for some differentiation as well.

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